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Outfit your iPad with everything you need to pursue your genealogy. Packed with great tools, you’ll have everything you need to research your family tree on the go with this fantastic collection. Discover timesft_genipadpowerpack-500saving tools for accomplishing your research, organization tips for your digital photos and bust down brick walls, and use the guidebooks and pocket references to look up the information you need while you’re out researching. With everything in one place, doing your research will be a breeze!



Break down those brick walls and blast through your research roadblocks with the tools and techniques found in this digital genealogy collection. Jam-packed with tricks for finding missing people and records, strategies for analyzing your problem and coming up with solutions, tips for creative research, and advice on avoiding research pitfalls, there’s something for everyone to try! You’ll learn great alternatives to lost or destroyed records, how to pinpoint helpful friends in your ancestor’s network, obscure records, undiscovered sources, and more.